Piarco Tourist Attractions

Piarco offers many famous attractions and jam-packed fun activities for tourists.

The area is known for its white sand and crystal-clear beaches in the southernmost part of the Caribbean.

Here are some recommended attractions and activities for tourists who are up for some fun and adventure.

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Rain Forest Hike to Avocat Waterfall

Start your day with the convenience of a pick-up service at your Port of Spain hotel.

After a short briefing with your expert guide and driver, prepare for a day of fun and adventure.

Drive to the North Coast Road en route to your destination and marvel at the Caribbean's beauty.

Witness captivating views of the coastal area and the rainforest at Maracas Lookout before arriving at the palm tree-lined Maracas Bay, the most popular beach in Trinidad.

Journey along the northern part of the area, passing beaches, green forested mountains, and scenic views of the Caribbean.

Get your way to Avocat waterfall, one of the world's most popular and gorgeous waterfalls.

Plunge in the large pools around the falls and enjoy yourself.

Climb up through the rainforest and enjoy a picnic lunch at the falls before lounging on the return trip.

On the return trip, stop in Blanchisseuse to bathe in the Marianne River's natural lagoon or visit Las Cuevas and Maracas Bay.

Pitch Lake and Chaguanas Sightseeing Tour

Travel to Central Trinidad and marvel at the sticky tar of Pitch Lake.

Shop in the middle of the buzzing markets of Chaguanas and admire the many Hindu temples indicative of the region's East Indian population.

This package tour will introduce tourists to the heart of Trinidad.

At the local temple complex, you will encounter the towering statue of the Hindu god Hanuman, the largest outside India. The bright and vibrant pink-colored temple resembles a cake. It is one of the Hindu temples, and prayer flags spotted in the region.

Half-day Highlight Tours at Tobago

On this half-day tour, you will be picked up from your hotel.

In this city tour of Scarborough, learn about some of the city's history and culture from your guide.

Visit Fort King George to witness the incredible panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean. Explore some of Tobago's highlight attractions on a half-day island tour.

Drive through Scarborough and admire the views of the Atlantic from Fort King George.

Take a walk through the island's colorful botanical gardens and embrace the beauty of nature.

Travel through small villages as you drive to the island's Caribbean side. Visit also Fort James, where you can attempt to unravel the mysterious inscription on the 1783-era tombstone of Betty Stiven.

Stop in the gorgeous Store Bay when you return to your hotel. Relax in the sun and enjoy time on the beach, and get the chance to peruse stalls selling local art and food.

Day-trip to Maracas Beach from Port of Spain

Have your way along the scenic North Coast Road for panoramic views of the rainforests, green mountains, and the bright blue crystal waters of the Caribbean sea.

Lounge under the coconut trees at the most popular beach in Trinidad, Maracas, and take a plunge in the ocean's calm waters.

Capture the beautiful views of the Paramin Hills to the west and vast plantations of herbs and spices.

Stop over for a moment at the Maracas Lookout for views of the surrounding bays and beaches.

Mini Island tour from Port of Spain

Escape the noisy and busy life in Port of Spain and head to Chaguanas.

Chaguanas is known to be the most populous city on the island.

This package tour shows the best of Trinidad and its fascinating history. A guide offers colorful commentary throughout the day.

The city is known for its vibrant and colorful commercial center, including a massive fresh produce market with lively bazaar streets.

Taste the island's Indian influence with an authentic roti lunch and kurma.

Visit a pottery museum in the area and marvel at local handicrafts where the 85 ft. statue of Lord Hanuman at the Hindu Temple can be seen.

In Ashram, or yoga center, learn about the rituals and concepts of this ancient physical and spiritual discipline. Also, visit the temple in the sea, just off the western coast, and see the East Indian Museum in Waterloo.

Day trip to Las Cuevas Beach

Enjoy a calm and peaceful day on the shores of Las Cuevas Beach.

Have your way to the sea on the North Coast Road and travel past the island's vibrant rainforests along the coastlines.

Stop at the Maracas Lookout and get a glimpse of the ocean.

Delight yourself in a serene place, far away from the other tourist destinations.

Take a dip in the refreshing calm waters of the bay to cool off, or grab something to eat at the snack bar.

Port of Spain by night: Steelpan yards tour

Explore the Port of Spain at night as you venture to the steelpan yards. Listen to the native sounds of the place as the steel drums and chimes join in chromatic harmony.

Skilled native musicians strike these hollowed-out oil drums like gongs, making distinctly low pitches that resonate as the building blocks for Calypso or even complicated classical compositions.

Search around to eat local cuisine on the Avenue and party through the morning.

Enjoy the rest of the night with some local food and beverages from outdoor venues.

Caroni Bird Sanctuary by boat

Discover the beautiful landscape of the Caroni Swamp.

Keep an eye out for the soaring scarlet ibis, Trinidad's national bird, in this natural haven, perfect for bird watching.

Pick-up service from your hotel is included in this package tour. Arrive at the Caroni Bird Sanctuary on Trinidad's western coast.

Admire the stunning scenery, part dense mangrove swamp, and part sparkling lagoon.

Drift along the swamp's waterways on a spacious boat. Look out for exotic birds like the large-billed tern and the snowy egret.

Enter into a peaceful lagoon, where the birds make their nests. Watch the birds fly against the setting sun before heading back to your hotel.

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